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Anzac Day

ANZAC day 2015

With virtual services and driveway salutes only from the safety of our home this year, it is true 2020’s ANZAC day will go down in history.

Fortunately, this Anzac Day will not be the most memorable one I have experienced. In 2015 I was lucky enough to be offered a ticket to the 100-year Anzac service in Gallipoli. I didn’t realise until later how difficult it was to get hold of these tickets.

I was living in Europe at the time, so we spent a couple of days exploring Istanbul beforehand.

The morning before Anzac Day, we left Turkey’s biggest city for a long drive to where each bus was given a number upon arrival and this would determine the order of arrival at Gallipoli. We were number 32 of over 300 buses. Enjoyed our last hot meal for a while then one by one we arrived and were security checked and found our spot on the grass where we were quite comfortable for several hours before we were asked to move forward to allow the 10,000 people to fit into the grounds by 4am the next morning.

Throughout the night we rugged up and enjoyed the tributes and stories about soldiers who both survived and did not. They read out letters written to their wives and future children who some never met. It was very emotional. By 4am we had gone from lying down in our sleeping bags to all standing up close together to fit everyone in. There was certainly no social distancing that night. The dignitaries arrived for the commencement of the dawn service and members of the Royal Family and many Prime Ministers paid tribute.

I had never been so proud and thankful to be Australian while experiencing the 100-year Anzac Service at Gallipoli on 25 April 2015.

A few hours later we walked a few kilometres up the hill to Lone Pine where the 8000 Australians stayed to watch the Australian Service while the New Zealanders went on to theirs. The service finished around midday and the buses began to pick us up. Only one bus at a time was able to get in and out due to a single road, therefore it took a very long time to get everyone out. We were beyond tired, but it was worth every second and we were so thankful for being able to attend something so amazing and important in history. You are able to visit this historically important site at other times of the year, not just for the Anzac Services.

Let’s hope next year we can commemorate the way we are used to, but for now Australians will continue to be creative in the way we pay our respects to those, while staying at home.

Seeing the tragedy around the globe at the moment, I am once again more thankful than ever to be Australian. Hopefully, we can now make the brave people who fought for us proud this year.

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