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When people are asked their interests or passions, a huge majority of people will say travel as one of their top five. Can you blame them?

Travel provides relaxation, adventure, relationship building (and testing), opportunities to learn and grow, meet and discover new people and cultures, the list is endless. It is a huge passion of mine too and I hope some of my travel experiences and suggestions will be of some interest, inspiration or entertainment to you.

I’d love to hear your feedback or experiences!

International cuisine

International cuisine

Since being at home so much lately, I am cooking (and eating) more.

This has encouraged me to reminisce on some of the amazing food and drinks I’ve been fortunate enough to dine on while travelling. From local Indonesian markets along the beach to London’s 5-star roof top high tea experience at the Shard it’s impossible to choose just one as I'm often asked....  But some of my favourites are below.

Pasteis de Nata- These delicious Portuguese, custard filled tarts that I have tried to recreate but nothing comes close to the tarts I ate paired with local port in Lisbon. I understood what all the fuss was about when we tried them straight from the oven at Pasteis de Belem.

Deep dish pizza- Although you can get this in many American countries, Chicago claim theirs is the best and it does of course originate from the Illinois capital. There is even rivalry within their own city of which original restaurant makes the best rich, thick, deep dish pizza cooked in a pan. The only way to truly know is to try them all yourself!

Chianti wine- In my opinion the home to some of the best wine in the world. You don’t need to order an expensive or fancy looking label either, just ask for a carafe of ‘vino rosso’ (red wine) and you are set. Chianti boasts some of the most beautiful scenery where you can try numerous different wines while overlooking their stunning vineyards, some which are located in historic Tuscan Castles.


Thai curry- Although Thailand is better known for other cuisine such as Pad Thai, my favourite dish is their vegetable curry. Earlier this year I was travelling around Thailand and one night we found a small family run restaurant where we had dinner. Paired with a cold Singha beer, it was the best curry I have ever tasted. She took us out the back of their restaurant (which was also their family home) to show us her garden. Every single vegetable, herb and spice used in our dinner was grown in her backyard. Could you get any more authentic? She insisted we should not walk all the way back to our accommodation so late and instructed her 14 year old son drive us back on their on their family scooter.

Until travel is on the cards again many people seem to be giving these international delicacies a try in their own kitchen. Send us a photo of your masterpiece!

Stephanie Dent

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